Dieting Dilemmas

There are many dilemmas when it comes to choosing the right diet to help you to lose weight and that is not helped by the huge choice of different types of diet that are available these days. It seems like there is a new diet created every week to temp the overweight into spending more of their hard earned cash to find out if this is really the one that will work for them.

diet dilemmaA lot of the problem is that while most people will lose weight on a pretty basic, calorie controlled diet, many fail to do so because they either don't like being restricted to what they can and cannot eat, or they simply get bored with a diet that doesn't have much variety in the meals. Many also don't have the time to work on conventional diets because it involves too much food preparation of special meals, careful measuring of ingredients and calculating calories, portions and nutritional proportions, then cooking them.

Then after all that, there are diet charts that have to be completed and everything that is eaten has to be written down each day. For them, a more convenient kind of diet is needed where someone else takes care of all that work for them and all they need to do is eat the specially prepared meals and lose the weight!

How Convenient Do You Need?

For this reason, many people prefer to saddle the cost of Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Medifast or another similar convenient kind of diet plan because it advertises that its diet menus are widely varied and interesting. As people like to eat an interesting diet, this seems perfect for many people's needs. At least it cuts out much of the dilemma that other diets create, while saving an enormous amount of time and effort.

The downside is that they will never have truly high quality meals because it simply is not possible to recreate the taste and texture of a fresh, home cooked meal once it has gone cold and needs to be reheated. Certainly there is no comparison with some of the processed meals these companies provide, despite their being relatively healthy, nutritionally balanced and low in calories.

Conventional but Time Sapping

Others prefer a more hands on approach and if they have the time to do this, then working with a conventional dieting system is more to their liking. At least this way they get the quality of a fresh home cooked meal with all the taste and goodness that this style of meal will contain.

The downside is that it is a big drain on a person's time and is really best suited to the stay at home mom who has more time on her hands rather than a busy working adult who works long hours and maybe has an additional long commute either end of their day's work.

These dieting dilemmas are not always so easy to overcome, but at least being aware of what is involved with the different solutions to the problems makes those problems a lot easier to work around and still obtain good results.