Fast Dieting is Not Necessarily Best

Just imagine the scenario. You get an invite to a wedding in two weeks time and the fabulous dress you have in mind to wear that fitted you perfectly two years ago is so small now you can't squeeze into it! What happened in that time?

How much more do you weigh now than you did back then? So you decide you are going to starve yourself until you get into that dress and look great for the wedding!

Good idea or bad idea?

Well, from the perspective of you wanting to look your best for the wedding, it probably seems like a good idea. But from the viewpoint of your body and your health, it's a bad idea. The problem is that while you may rapidly lose the extra pounds you need to in that time, you may be doing yourself a lot of harm.

That's because losing weight fast is not a good idea when it's not done under professional supervision.

Get Professional Help

So you decide a better option is to go see a dietitian and tell them what you need to have happen. They may be able to help you to lose the excess pounds more safely than simply starving yourself whereby you actually maintain a healthy level of nutrition while stripping fat quickly through a combination of special fat burning diet and exercise.

You'll learn to eat slowly and make it count for more as well. Your digestive system will respond by processing the food you're eating more efficiently turning more of it into ready to use energy and less into fat for storage.

Exercising and Metabolism

Maybe you hadn't thought of doing any exercise, but its one of the best things you can do when you start eating a fat burning diet. That's because it helps to boost your metabolism so you use up more of your fat store faster, while strengthening your muscles.

So once you have lost it, you stand a lower chance of putting it straight back after the wedding when you resume your normal eating and lifestyle schedule.

While there will be the odd instance in life that calls for drastic measures to lose weight, as long as it's done under supervision and with the right strategy, you can get away with it in the short term. You could even use it as a springboard for initiating a longer term, slow and steady weight loss and fitness boosting program.

You just have to overcome the dieting dilemmas and stick to your plan. Being sensible about losing weight is the right thing to do for all the right reasons.

Dieting slowly and surely is also far better than trying to starve yourself just to get into a smaller dress size for one night only!