Health and Diet Education

There is not much in the way of arguments when it comes to the power of education for improving one's lot in life. This can also be seen in the level of knowledge that people have about their health and in particular their diet.

That's because ignorance of how certain foods affect your body is no excuse for getting fat!

health and diet educationThere are way too many overweight and indeed obese people in Western society these days. And a lot of it is simply because people don't know what the effect of what they are eating and drinking is having on their bodies.

If they did, they would certainly go some way to correcting their problem at its source. It just goes to highlight the importance of health education and how getting the best information you can about your health can really make a huge difference.

Obese People

With the growing numbers of obese people putting extra strain on the health services and hospitals, it makes a ton of good sense to spend some more time, effort and even money on trying to get the message across to people. That eating all that processed, junk food and drinking all that soda is just sending them to an early grave via a hospital bed.

It's not a nice thing to think about or even to read about, but it's the stark and unforgiving truth of the matter. People seem to have forgotten how to eat slowly and eat right and look after their bodies.

Eating Right

The basis of all sensible weight management is what a person is putting into their bodies via the food they eat and the things they drink. It is the most common sense of all concepts yet so few overweight people seem to truly have grasped it or they wouldn't be the size they don't want to be.

Most experts agree that there is way too much sugar in many off-the-shelf foods and in the main, people are being unfairly fooled into buying things they think are healthier then they really are. So don't put all the blame onto overweight people for their plight, as they are often not wholly responsible for what they are eating.

However, as with most things, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. This applies to deciding what to eat and drink. If you just breeze through the grocery store grabbing whatever you see on the shelves because the packaging looks attractive without reading what's inside that packaging, you should accept some of the blame if you end up eating food that is packed full of sugars and bad things.

Always read the label and make it your goal to understand everything that is in the list of ingredients, including what all those E-numbers stand for. It could improve your health and even save your life!

The reason I say this is because some additives used in foods have been tested and shown to aggravate certain medical conditions, while others can initiate certain health issues, exacerbate illnesses and directly or indirectly cause certain illnesses to strike. As a good example, it is well known that excess ingestion of monosodium glutamate (MSG - E621) which is a common flavor enhancer and salt substitute can cause cancer among other potentially dangerous conditions.

The best approach is to shun all packaged foods and learn to cook meals using only fresh ingredients (stuff you have to peel, wash and prepare before they go in the pot). Opting for organic produce reduces the potential impact of excessive pesticide ingestion and many claim (as do I) the food tastes better! That way, you can control what you eat and not get fooled by additives you don't know about.


Exercise seems to have been all but forgotten about like walking to boost the effectiveness of your diet or getting any form of daily activity for that matter. So next time you are about to pull the ring pull on that next can of soda, think twice about where you would like those extra few hundred calories worth of fat to be deposited in your body.

Mmm, your waist? Maybe your thighs? How about the top of your arms or even your cheeks? Well, if you think you have room for some more blubber, then go ahead and drink up!

Yes, that was pretty nasty and not very politically correct, but when your health is on the line, what would you rather be told?

That you should really be a little careful of what you eat and drink?

Or that drinking that next can of soda is going to add some more bulk to that quivering lump of fat in your backside?