Be Positive About Losing Weight

Be Positive About Losing Weight

There is an important side to the process of losing weight called a positive attitude that many people are either simply unaware of, or they find it too difficult to come to terms with. Yet it can really make the difference between a resounding success or a miserable failure.

The more astute among you will doubtless have noticed my reference to the mental state in the last phrase of the previous paragraph. If not, I'll quickly explain it, then get on with the rest of this article.

being positiveDid you notice I put the two words together "resounding success" which implies a very positive, uplifting emotional feeling? Then I countered it with a "miserable failure" which right away invokes the negative, downward-facing emotion of despair, loss, unhappiness or even, yes, misery at failure!

A Positive Mindset

The emphasis of this article is naturally aimed at the positive aspect, the uplifting, happy, exhilarating feeling of success (or implied success) that can be achieved by combining a good, well planned and designed diet and exercise program with a positive mental attitude that success is really attainable. That's because when you have those two things working in your favor and you are able to keep any people that are liable to try and derail your efforts at arm's length, you must succeed!

The big question a lot of people ask is how they can get themselves into a positive, upward-facing frame of mind at the prospect of doing something like dieting and exercising that they probably, deep down inside, don't really want to do. Let's face it, restricting what you can eat and drink while forcing yourself to do activities you're not used to dong is not everybody's idea of a whole load of fun!

However, if the end result of a slimmer, healthier and fitter body that's in great shape is what you really, really want, you can achieve it. It can be quite astounding how what at first appear to be huge obstacles in your way seem to shrink into small, insignificant stepping stones that you can easily navigate to your goal when you apply the "I can" attitude to the task at hand.

The first place to start is get your mind to the state you want it to be in, which will take some healthy mental education that will increase your knowledge and understanding of the whole process. You need to do that in order to swing your mind into action and approach your own personal obstacles in a positive, willing way.

Decide What You Really Want

The difference between "having to do something" and really "wanting to do something" can be huge. The best place to begin is to look at yourself in a good, full length mirror and then make a point of telling yourself that you absolutely, really want to be admiring a slimmer, nicely toned body in that mirror.

Then keep on repeating it over and over to yourself, because that's how we learn the best, by repeating things over and over to ourselves. I want to point out here that you should avoid repeating something along the lines that you hate the body you're currently looking at (that's negative). Instead, repeat over to yourself about how much you really want to be admiring a much better one (that's positive)!

Believe it or not, you can actually fool your own mind into believing something is actually true when you go through the process of repeating it to yourself over and over enough times. Once you have rewired your brain to believe that you can transform your body into the slimmer, great shape you want it to be, any change in diet or activity levels will seem to come much easier to you and you'll find yourself actually enjoying what you've set up for yourself to do.

One last note of fact is that the human body is much happier when it's being fed a healthy, nutritious diet and allowed to do some light, enjoyable exercise every day. All you really ned to do is convince your mind of what your body already knows is true!