Rapid Weight Loss Tips to Avoid

It may come as a surprise to some people who are trying to shed some weight, but there are actually some tips for doing so very quickly that should really be avoided if you want to maintain a good level of health. To help you to understand what they are, here are some of the rapid weight loss tips to avoid and why you should avoid them.

Weight Loss Surgery

Probably the most dangerous of all rapid ways to lose weight is by undertaking surgery of some kind. This should really only be seen as a last resort when all other methods have failed and when your weight is so great that it poses a serious health risk in itself.

Included in this category are the cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction, which while on the face of it looks pretty safe to do, can still have complications that can end up with disastrous results, so if you can find a better way, then do so.


Other raid ways to shed weight include certain supplements, especially those containing certain berry extracts as acai or the like. They are advertised quite forcefully and often wild claims accompany certain sales pages in order to get people to buy them.

While they may have some health benefits, these are generally long term and will have little effect on any program for losing weight other than to improve the body's uptake of certain nutrients. These are more hype than results driven and will cost you a lot of money for what can often be rather lacklustre results.

Fad Diets

Lastly, avoid fad diets that omit while food groups as they can also bring long term health problems. A very popular way to diet in the US is by cutting out carbs, but this is a potentially dangerous way to diet in the long term as many essential nutrients are no longer available in the diet.

And in any case it is quiet common to put back the weight you lost as soon as you resume your regular diet again.

The best way to diet from a health aspect is to maintain a balanced diet that includes all food groups and just keep an eye on portion size while keeping the daily calorie count to a reasonable limit. Avoid obvious foods and snacks such as cakes, cookes, pastries, pie, candy bars, potato chips and other savory snacks etc and also avoid soda and other flavored drinks.

If you maintain a good level of common sense as well as some useful knowledge on which foods are beneficial and which foods are not, you can diet sensibly and lose weight or maintain a healthy weight once you have lost the excess. Go for a slow and steady program over a rapid one for better and more sustainable long term results.